Local Priorities are Extension’s Priority

Paul Roback, Community Development Educator

Although the Extension Washington County office is connected to UW-Madison, our programming is based on the needs identified by the communities that we serve. Each year, it’s actually local communities and organizations that contact Paul’s for assistance. As a result, programs are designed with local input and delivered to meet these locally identified needs. The following are examples of Paul satisfying local requests and needs in 2023.

Request: The County Executive’s office requested that Paul’s facilitate a meeting with chief elected officials from across Washington County.
Response: Paul facilitated a planning session for chief elected officials of Washington County, where participants identified opportunities to best share services and existing revenues to maintain and improve strong pubic services.

Request: Washington County’s Policy Director asked Paul to facilitate for the County Board’s Samaritan Ad-Hoc Committee.
Response: Paul facilitated a series of County Board Ad Hoc Committee meetings whose members researched, discussed, and made a policy recommendation on Washington County’s future role in providing long-term care (nursing home) services.

Request: The Kewaskum Library Board’s President and Executive Director reached out to Paul to assist with board discussion regarding future library facilities.
Response: Paul facilitated a process were participants brainstormed the needs for a future library and identified strengths and limitations of proposed library locations. The discussion allowed participants to identify a preferred option for a new library location in the community.

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