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2018 Credit Report Reminder Campaign Results

The UW-Extension Credit Report Reminder Campaign started in 2013 in Wisconsin to encourage individuals to check their free credit reports three times a year on 2/2, 6/6, and 10/10. The campaign’s website at fyi.uwex.edu/creditreport also provides needed resources to deal with the complexity of credit. This past year, more than 5000 learners visited the Credit […]


Order your three free credit reports every year

Peggy Olive-Financial Capability Specialist UW-Madison Center for Financial Security and Carol Bralich-Family Living Educator, Extension Washington County Because credit reports are so important to everyday life (they can affect obtaining an affordable loan or insurance policy, getting a job, or renting a home), Federal law gives everyone the right to request three free credit reports […]


Real Colors® Personality Test

Real Colors® is a fun, interactive workshop that will provide you with skills to understand human behavior; skills that are easy to incorporate into everyday life. Since 2014, Paul Roback and Carol Bralich have facilitated workshops to over 800 participants from businesses,


Sticking to Your Budget Over the Holidays

The winter holiday season is fast approaching. For many, the coming months mean travel to visit family and friends, gift-giving, and preparation of traditional foods. All of these special occasions can be a challenge on monthly budgets. UW-Extension/UW-Madison Financial Capability Specialist, Peggy Olive put together this list of suggestions to help manage your holiday budget. […]


Wash Your Hands, Not Your Poultry (or other meat)

Just in time for the Holidays! This post from the UW-Extension FYI site Safe and Healthy: Preparing and Preserving Food at Home entitled “Wash Your Hands, Not Your Poultry” explains why it is not necessary to wash poultry before cooking. In fact, it may cause illness and spread germs around your kitchen. This post includes […]

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November/December 2018 Cloverline

The November/December 2018 Cloverline is now available. This issue includes registration information for the Cloverbud Winter Workshop, the Explorer Workshop, and the annual 4-H Lock-In.