Attn: Clothing Revue participants

July, 2024

Dear Clothing Revue Participant, 

Thank you for your participation in the 2024 Washington County Fair’s Clothing Revue.   

As part of your participation in the Clothing Revue event, you are required to model your clothing items at the Washington County Fair Style Show.  This year the Style Show will be held on:


July  24th at 6:00 P.M.


Washington County Fair Park

Here are some important details to help you prepare for the Style Show. 

1)   That evening between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m., please pick up your garment(s) from the clothing department display area.  If you need assistance, Mrs. Marilyn Nadelhoffer will be there.  Then go to the restroom to change into your style show outfit.  (There will be a clothes rack with hangers  in the hallway, outside the bathrooms for you to put your clothes, bags, supplies, etc. ) 

2)   Please plan to arrive at the stage area around 5:30 p.m. dressed in your first modeling outfit, to practice modeling and to receive any last minute instructions. 

 3)  When it is your turn to model, your name will be called and you will step out from behind the curtain.  Please remember that the audience can see you at all times when you are on the stage, so remember to SMILE!   You will walk to the center of the stage, hold your pose so the audience sees the front of your outfit, turn so they see the back, then pivot and go to one side of the stage.  Then hold your pose, turn, pivot and go to the other side of the stage.  Finally, hold your pose, turn, pivot and go to the center of the side and wait there until the narrator finishes talking about your garment.  (Remember:  “Middle – side – side – middle” ) You can exit the stage walking down the steps and walking down the middle aisle past the audience and wait in the back of the audience so that you can see the rest of the participants of the style show.  

4)   After all the models are finished, everyone will come back on the stage again and remain there for the awards ceremony.  After the awards ceremony, you will be able to change back  into your other clothing.  

5)  After the style show, please return your garment(s)  back on hangers (with the fair tags), to the clothing department, where Mrs. Nadelhoffer will be there to assist you with putting them back in the display area. 

 If you have any questions or concerns, please  email Mrs. Susan Jahn <> or text her at:  262-674-4751, or call and leave a message at:  262-677-3397.  

You will be wonderful!  See you at the fair!

Feature image by, CC BY

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