The Evolution of the “Home Economist”

Carol Bralich, Human Development & Relationship Educator The role of the Home Economist has evolved forward from its original public image of only being concerned with cooking, sewing and farm ledgers. The modern Home Economist, Human Development and Relationships Educator, is concerned with everything that affects the family. Carol’s’s area of focus and expertise includes […]

Local Priorities are Extension’s Priority

Paul Roback, Community Development Educator Although the Extension Washington County office is connected to UW-Madison, our programming is based on the needs identified by the communities that we serve. Each year, it’s actually local communities and organizations that contact Paul’s for assistance. As a result, programs are designed with local input and delivered to meet […]

How to Prepare for the Holidays Without Feeling Like Scrooge

Inflation and the costs of items seem to be on everyone’s minds lately. Stress levels are high due to the impact that inflation has on groceries, fuel, heating costs and credit card interest rates. This depressing news is making people feel that they have little control of their finances. As we enter the holiday shopping […]

The 4-H Pledge Follows Youth Into Adulthood

The 4-H Pledge Follows Youth Into Adulthood Ron Jakubisin, Wash Co. 4-H Educator I pledge my head to clearer thinking,my heart to greater loyalty,my hands to larger service,and my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world. The 4-H pledge is recited at the beginning of each meeting and […]

Funding support for educational travel offered to Washington County 4-H youth

Planning AHEAD

Planning AHEAD is a series of 7 sessions for adults of all ages. Participants learn about end-of-life decision making tasks including health care wishes, financial responsibilities, legal requirements and documentation, distribution of personal property, end-of-life care options, and dealing with grief. The program’s goal is to reduce the stress experienced by survivors and to ensure […]

Community Development Impact October 2023

Since 2014, Paul and Human Development and Relationships Educator Carol Bralich havefacilitated Real Colors workshops in response to organizations and local governmentsexpressing a need for staff development in effective communication and team building. Thesegoals align with the outcomes for Real Colors, which is an interactive three-hour workshopthat teaches skills to understand human behavior and improve […]

Fall is the Season for 4-H!

Actually, all four seasons are 4-H seasons, but fall is when re-enrollment happens, clubs Charter their groups, 4-H Open House happens and so on! An exciting time for youth and their families gearing up for club and project meetings! But let’s not forget the value of volunteers! Those adults who give time and attention to […]

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