West Bend Community Memorial Library Outreach Programming

Paul Roback, Community Development Educator The West Bend Community Memorial Library’s Outreach Librarian contacted Paul to facilitate a process that would engage staff in determining a future direction and focus for outreach programming. As part of this process, staff wanted to gain an understanding of demographic trends that could provide insights into future programming. Paul […]

Local Priorities are Extension’s Priority

Paul Roback, Community Development Educator Although the Extension Washington County office is connected to UW-Madison, our programming is based on the needs identified by the communities that we serve. Each year, it’s actually local communities and organizations that contact Paul’s for assistance. As a result, programs are designed with local input and delivered to meet […]

Community Development Impact October 2023

Since 2014, Paul and Human Development and Relationships Educator Carol Bralich havefacilitated Real Colors workshops in response to organizations and local governmentsexpressing a need for staff development in effective communication and team building. Thesegoals align with the outcomes for Real Colors, which is an interactive three-hour workshopthat teaches skills to understand human behavior and improve […]

Community Development Impact September 2023

Incorporated as a nonprofit in 2022, the mission of Just Us of Washington County is to“provide support and guidance to Black, Indigenous, People of Color populations, as well as,LGBTQ+ individuals and families. We seek to help navigate and supply guidance for everydayexperiences and challenges faced within Washington County, Wisconsin.” After reading aboutthis organization in the […]

Community Development Impact August 2023

A representative from the board of the West Bend Community & Alumni Scholarship Foundation, a local nonprofit, contacted Paul to facilitate a process that would create a strategic plan for the organization. Paul met with board leadership to learn about the organization and the objectives that they would like to achieve from a planning process. […]

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