Community Development Impact October 2023

Since 2014, Paul and Human Development and Relationships Educator Carol Bralich have
facilitated Real Colors workshops in response to organizations and local governments
expressing a need for staff development in effective communication and team building. These
goals align with the outcomes for Real Colors, which is an interactive three-hour workshop
that teaches skills to understand human behavior and improve communication with others.

Carol and Paul taught a workshop for 18 participants from four Washington County nonprofit
organizations. End of session evaluations (N=18) indicated that 100% of participants
increased their ability to recognize their strengths and 100% increased their ability to
recognize the strengths of others. Additionally, 100% increased their ability to build
rapport quickly with others, 100% increased their ability to understand how others process
information, and 94% increased their ability to modify their communication to connect with
others. Overall, participants evaluated Carol and Paul’s facilitation of the workshop as a 4.9 on
a 5-point Likert Scale (1=poor and 5=excellent). Commenting on how they will use what they
learned from the workshop, one participant stated that they will “try to recognize behaviors
of others and understand how they are strengths.” Another commented that “the facilitators
were well prepared and very knowledgeable.”

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