Parenting the Preschooler

Graphic illustration of preschool building blocks. The blocks are in a stack of three. "A" block is on top with "B" block and "C" block beneath it.
Parenting the Preschooler: A preschooler is a whole person with a big, complicated job: growing up! There are important skills they need to learn in the next few years, especially as they get ready for Kindergarten. As their parent or caregiver, you are their most important teacher and supporter! Follow the links below to find fact sheets that will help you learn about what toddlers go through developmentally, show how you can help with confidence and love, and teach you how to stay connected to a rapidly growing and changing child.

Healthy Bodies & MindsPhoto of a child being offered a plate of red peppers or broccoli. The child is smiling and reaching for the red peppers. The overlaying text read: Healthy Bodies and Minds.

Learning and ChangingPhoto of a toddler girl or left and her preschool aged brother on right playing with game pieces on a coffee table in front of the couch. Overlying text reads: Learning and Changing.

RelationshipsPhoto of two parents walking through a park swinging their son between them. Father is on the left, child is suspended in mid air and mother is on the right. Overlying text reads: Relationships.

For more information, visit the University of Wisconsin-Extension Parenting the Preschooler state Website at:  Each fact sheet contains links to additional resources and references.

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