Positive Parenting Program – Triple P Program

The “Triple P” Approach

Triple P positive parenting is simply an approach to parenting that gives parents and caregivers tools and strategies to raise their children in an environment that is safe, loving, and predictable. Triple P’s positive parenting allows parents to decide what is important to them. It does not tell parents and caregivers how to raise their children, but gives them the confidence and skills to build good relationships with their child or teenager, set boundaries and rules, and follow up with consequences that are not harmful.

Triple P Programs in Washington County

Washington County Extension Educator, Carol Bralich, is a certified Triple P instructor and presents several Positive Parenting Programs throughout the year. Presentations can focus on general parenting skill sets, but they can also be focused to address specific needs and can range in level of intensity from “light-touch” parenting help in the seminar format to guided group discussions with a coaching approach. Caregiving topics offered in Washington County focus on parents and caregivers of

  • Children birth through pre-teen (0-12)
  • Children in Teenage Years (12-16)

Find Upcoming Triple P Workshops in Washington County Here!

To learn more about the Triple P “Positive Parenting Program” for your family, your organization, or your community, please contact Washington County Extension’s Human Development & Relationships Educator, Carol Bralich at 262-335-4477 or carol.bralich@wisc.edu

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