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Co-Parenting ProgramImage of a man sitting in a chair with legs crossed looking distraught across from a woman also sitting in a chair with legs crossed looking upset

While the divorce or separation of parents is a hard time, it is also a sensitive period in which the co-parents can learn to establish a new healthy relationship delivering with the help of Extension’s proven Co-Parenting program that makes a tangible difference in lives

eParenting® Program Image of a boy sitting crossed-legged on a couch holding a phone in his lap. The boy is playing a game on the phone while wearing headphones and another boy stands behind him watching the game. eParenting® is an innovative program initiative from UW-Extension Family Living Programs.  The goal of eParenting® is to empower parents in their use of digital media as a powerful and positive tool supporting their parenting role.

Raising a Thinking ChildPicture of older female youth holding a calendar and pencil in her hands and looking off to the side appearing to ponder or think.

Raising A Thinking Child  (RTC) is an evidence-based parenting program for parents and caregivers of children 4 to 7 years that has demonstrated effectiveness in developing interpersonal cognitive problem-solving skills in young children.

Strengthening Families ProgramPhoto of a wooden dinner table with 8 adults sitting around the table with plates of food in front of them. All of the adults are reaching an arm into the center of the table holding a glass to participate in a "cheers".

Strengthening Families Program (SFP) proven intervention that brings parents and their youth ages 10-14 together in highly interactive sessions that improve parenting skills, build life skills in youth, and strengthen family bonds. Over the course of 7 weekly 2-hour classes that begin with a shared meal, parents and youth enjoy individual and shared activities together.

Home Alone Online African American teenage girl lying on a bed with a pink comforter. Lying on her back, she is looking up at the phone she is holding in her hand. On the bed next to her is a magazine and winter style hat.

Prepare Children to Stay Home Alone – FREE Video Program!  A video training program from UW-Extension can help prepare children to stay home unsupervised. The program teaches families how to develop a plan for emergencies. The video program provides tips for structuring the children’s time alone so they have plenty of activities to keep them busy and out of trouble


African American father stands loving and closely to his son with his arm placed around his son. The two men are standing in front of a white SUV.

No matter how famous, how smart, or how prepared you are, parenting an adolescent can be a daunting task. Parenthetical is designed to help and support you as you prepare to meet that challenge.  It’s a place where you can learn from experienced parenting educators and adolescent development experts from University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension.


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