Current Training & Workshops

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Washington County Extension strives to provide relevant trainings and workshops each year for child care professionals. Extension has developed a variety of workshop topics for child center administrators and child care educators. To accommodate busy schedules of child care professionals, our trainings are offered in a variety of formats: one-session events, multi-session series, one-day conferences, as well as providing options for virtual or in-person trainings. Don’t forget – registry credits are provided for any professional development trainings offered by Extension. Check out some of our current and upcoming workshops!

Annual Spring Child Care Conference

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The 2023 Spring Child Care Conference focused on understanding challenging behaviors of young children and providing strategies and tools to address those challenges. Join us in 2024 to explore professional development topics for child care providers. 

Professional Trainings/Workshops

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Online Professional Development Workshops for Early Childhood Professionals is offering a webinar with Fit and Healthy Kids, Family Childhood Education. Starting October 2023 through April of 2024.

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Join the Child Care Planning Committee

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If you are interested in learning more about the Child Care & Education Network of Washington County planning committee, please contact Washington County Extension Educator, Carol Bralich, or 262-335-4477.

To learn more about the Extension’s local or statewide trainings or workshops for child care professionals, please contact Washington County Extension’s Human Development & Relationships Educator, Carol Bralich at 262-335-4477 or

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