Local Government Education

Extension increases local officials’ knowledge and decision-making abilities by providing facilitation resources and educational programs. Local officials often request the assistance of the Extension Office in helping boards and committees understand their specific roles and responsibilities, such as open meetings or records laws.

Program Impacts

Agriculture Listening Sessions

Facilitated annual listening sessions where members of the Agriculture Community share their perspectives on the current state of agriculture in Washington County, which helps inform future public policy for the County Executive.

County Board Structure and Size

Provided research and facilitated sessions where members of the Washington County Board of Supervisors examined board size and committee structure, which helps transform county board operations.

Long-Term Care (Samaritan Health Center)

Facilitated a series of meetings whose members researched, discussed, and made policy recommendations on Washington County’s future role in providing long-term care (nursing home) services.

County Board Strategic Planning

Facilitated planning sessions where county board members identified and prioritized strategic issues impacting Washington County government operations and county citizens.

Fair Park Study Committee

Conducted research and facilitated sessions where members of the Washington County Board Study Committee determined the County’s future involvement with Fair Park, which was operated by a non-profit that had overextended their financial resources and was facing the possibility of bankruptcy. 

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