Community & Organizational Development

Organizational Development – Nonprofit organizations carry out a variety of activities that enhance the quality of life in Washington County.  As the economy and needs of the community continue to change, nonprofits often lack the knowledge to focus on their mission and to use their limited resources strategically.  Organizational development provides nonprofits with an intentional and focused way to arrive at decisions and actions that will guide what they do and why they do it.

Community Visioning – Community visioning is a planning process that encourages participants to envision an ideal future for their community and think strategically on how they will achieve these aspirations.

Program Impact – In order to measure the longer-term outcomes of community and organizational development programming, year-end follow-up evaluations have been conducted from 2014-2020. Cumulatively, 68 organizations responded that as a result of Professor Paul Roback’s facilitation:
• 95% agreed that their organization had been strengthened
• 91% agreed that their organization had been more strategic in fulfilling their mission
• 95% agreed that their organization had an increased capacity to address community issues and opportunities

Additionally, the UW-Extension Department of Community Resource Development reviewed and published Professor Roback’s paper titled “Extension Organizational Development Programming: Outcome Measurement through a Multi-Program Delivery Model.” This paper details program planning and long-term outcome measurement of Extension organizational development programming in Washington County, Wisconsin.

Since 2008, Professor Roback has facilitated organizational development, strategic planning, and/or community visioning for over 70 organizations in Washington County.  Examples include:

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