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Man GardeningIf you have Home Gardening Questions please e-mail your question to our Plant Health Adviser e-mail address.

Be specific with your questions and attached pictures of the issue are always helpful.  In addition give us a phone contact number just in case we need to ask some follow up questions.  Email your questions to:

Master Gardener Information

The University of Wisconsin-Extension implemented the Master Gardener Program in Wisconsin in 1980. The purpose of the program is to have trained volunteers help county Extension horticultural staff reach out to a greater number of people who are interested in, or have questions about, gardening than the Extension staff can provide alone.

Who is eligible to be a Master Gardener Volunteer?

Any resident of Wisconsin 18 years or older. Potential Master Gardener Volunteers should be interested in horticulture (but a formal degree is not necessary), dependable, unbiased and open-minded, and willing to help people with their horticultural concerns. Participants are expected to provide volunteer service to their community. Although the program is statewide, some counties may choose not to offer the program.

How do I get started?

For more information, visit either the Washington County Master Gardeners website: or the University of Wisconsin-Extension Master Gardener Program website:

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