Master Gardeners

Gardening Questions

We all have a question about gardening and it’s always great to have expert help. The Master Gardeners are here to help you tackle some of those questions and provide you with researched-based answers. Ask Your Gardening Question is the first step to understanding your plant’s condition.

Who is eligible to be a Master Gardener Volunteer?

Any resident of Wisconsin 18 years or older. Potential Master Gardener Volunteers should be interested in horticulture (but a formal degree is not necessary), dependable, unbiased, open-minded, and willing to help people with their horticultural concerns. You DON’T need to know everything about gardening — you’ll learn more and more as you participate in the program. You DO need to have an interest in learning and giving back to your community.

How do I get started?

Master Gardeners are motivated individuals using gardening to make a difference in their communities. The Master Gardener Program provides plant-related continuing education opportunities to grow their gardening know-how. Local organizations benefit from the garden-related volunteer activities and education provided by Master Gardeners. Together, we can improve lives and communities through gardening. Click here to get started on your Master Gardener journey.

For more information:

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University of Wisconsin-Extension Master Gardener Program website:

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