Wool Spinning Project

Learn to wash/pick/tease/card various fibers as you begin spinning. Beginners start with drop spindle before moving on to the wheel if they determine they wish to purchase a wheel. Various plying techniques and fibers will be the emphasis for those familiar with spinning. Owning a spinning wheel (cost starting at $225) is not necessary for the project; initial cost covers necessary supplies for the project.

Countywide Project Coordinator

Lisa Shuppe

  • Phone: 262-573-3110
  • Email: lshuppe@yahoo.com


$40 (initial cost includes: Turkish drop spindle, niddy noddy (that youth will create), hand carders, processed and unprocessed fiber along with additional supplies needed.


Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month starting January 25, 2023 through June 28, 2023. Along with our “scheduled” meetings, we also participate in numerous spinning demonstrations throughout Wisconsin. It is recommended that youth try to participate in several of these (dates will be announced at our 1st several meetings). It is recommended that 1st years attend the January – March meetings as these are extremely important for a STRONG foundation in wool spinning.




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