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When you join 4-H, you’re a part of something big! 4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization, with more than six million members and over 90,000 clubs.

4-H involves youth in project-based education. Through project learning, youth can explore their interests (“sparks”) and master new skills. 4-H projects are meant to be hands on to create a memorable learning experience. Since 4-H started in the early 1900s, youth have learned by doing. This hands-on process allows youth to understand not only how to do something but also why they are doing it.

4-H Clubs are the foundation of the Washington County 4-H program. A 4-H Club is made up of five or more youth guided by adult volunteer leaders or University of Wisconsin Extension 4-H Educators. Learn more:

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Contact the Washington County 4-H Youth Development Office

4-H Program Educator
Extension Washington County
Phone: 262-335-4478
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Extension Washington County
333 E. Washington St., Ste 1200
West Bend, WI 53095-2003
Phone: 262-335-4477

Karen Girard
Administrative Assistant
Email: karen.girard@wisc.edu
Extension Washington County
Phone: 262-335-4478

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