Human Development and Relationships 2023 Impact

Money Matters is an online program in which participants can build or expand their knowledge of financial topics that are critical to individuals with low or moderate income: personal financial strengths and behavior, budgeting, debt-management, saving, credit-building, health insurance, retirement planning, and others. Five of the modules are available in Spanish. Here is the impact […]

Work ‘N Wheels and the Money Matters Program Partnership

Carol Bralich, Human Development and Relationships Educator Money Matters is an online self-study Extension financial program that is available to anyone in the community statewide and can be designed as a built in component with an existing or new agency program. The program coordinator at Forward Careers at Workforce Development Center contacted Carol searching for […]

The Evolution of the “Home Economist”

Carol Bralich, Human Development & Relationship Educator The role of the Home Economist has evolved forward from its original public image of only being concerned with cooking, sewing and farm ledgers. The modern Home Economist, Human Development and Relationships Educator, is concerned with everything that affects the family. Carol’s’s area of focus and expertise includes […]

How to Prepare for the Holidays Without Feeling Like Scrooge

Inflation and the costs of items seem to be on everyone’s minds lately. Stress levels are high due to the impact that inflation has on groceries, fuel, heating costs and credit card interest rates. This depressing news is making people feel that they have little control of their finances. As we enter the holiday shopping […]

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