Horse & Pony Club

The Washington County Horse & Pony 4-H Club offers these three projects only: 

Horse & Pony Project 

Horseless Horse Project

Model Horse Project

Learn about horses and ponies, start at the basics, learn about breeds, gaits, equipment and different styles of riding  If you own or lease a horse or pony the Horse & Pony Project is for you. If you don’t own/lease you may join the Horseless Horse and/or Model Horse Project.  See project details under each project. All projects will develop skills to prepare for many 4H sponsored events, such as County Fair, State 4H Hunt & Dressage, State 4H Gymkhana and State 4H Expo. 

Wisconsin 4-H Policies on Horse Project, Activities, & Events apply to all youth and adults enrolled in the Horse & Pony Projects. These policies and safety requirements apply to ALL youth and adults participating in 4-H Horse-related projects, activities and events, including, but not limited to Horseless Horse, clinics, shows, fairs, parades, open-houses, and petting-zoos. Specific events, fairs, facilities, and local 4-H programs may have additional guidelines. These include:

  • General Safety Rules
  • Required Participant Safety Attire
  • Required Safety Tack and Appointments
  • Animal Welfare and Safety
  • 4-H Horse Project Concussion and Head Injury Policy

See Risk Management for 4-H Project & Activities for more information

H&P Meetings: Held the 1st Wednesday, 6:30-7:30pm, October, December, February through June, at the Fair Park.   

Open Rides: May-September, 6:00-8:00 pm will include educational opportunities for all H&P club members and be held at the Fair Park Equestrian Complex, weather permitting,  as posted on the Horse & Pony Club website. 

Cost:  No upfront cost. There may be a cost for some activities and educational opportunities offered in each of the 3 projects. Costs to youth will depend on income made from annual club fundraisers of a tack sale, and club hosted shows.

Horse & Pony Club Leaders can be contacted through the H&P email:  

Club website 

Support Extension