2022 Washington County Fair Information

Tuesday July 26 – Sunday, July 31, 2022boy at fair with cow

For many 4-H members, showing their projects at the County Fair is the highlight of the summer! The 2022 Washington County Fair takes place July 26-31.This page is a central spot for information about the 4-H experience at County Fair. Please also refer to the Washington County Fair website, which includes details for all exhibitors (not just 4-H) and fair goers. http://www.wcfairpark.com/fair/

Adult Volunteer Season Pass

Washington County Fair offers discounted Season Passes to adults who volunteer a minimum of four hours doing 4-H related work at the Fair.

  • Enrolled 4-H adult volunteer leaders and parents/guardians, grandparents, and adult siblings of 4-H youth members are eligible.
  • Purchase at Fair Park for $15/pass beginning June 15
  • Club & Project Leaders: Fair Park asks you to provide a list adults from your club/project who will be volunteering at the Fair
  • For questions about Season Passes, please contact the Fair Park office:

Ziegler Building Volunteer Roles: Sign Up Today!!

Ziegler Building Volunteer Roles

SignUp Genius for Ziegler Building https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C084CAAA62EA5F85-ziegler

There are many opportunities to volunteer in the Ziegler Building

Leaders Association Silent Auction: Volunteers needed!!

Leaders Association Silent Auction

Tasks include organizing winning bid sheets at auction close, making phone calls to winners at the close of the auction, collecting payments at the end of the auction, and payment processing/pick after fair.

***Last day to donate to the Silent Auction is July 24 — please bring your items directly to the Ziegler Building at Fair Park***

UPDATE 7/18/22: Please do not bring Silent Auction donations to the Extension office after 7/18/22. Silent Auction volunteers have made their last pick-up of donated items. 

Washington County 4-H Leaders Association will be hosting a silent auction during the Washington County Fair and we need your help!

Each year approximately 80,000 community members attend the Washington County Fair and have the opportunity to bid on items at our silent auction. Fair attendees bid on gift cards, merchandise, gift baskets and services generously donated by area businesses and friends of 4-H.  All donors have the option of being recognized on auction displays at the event. This is an excellent way to promote a business and to support your community.  If you know of a company that you would like to have the committee contact to solicit a donation, please contact the Silent Auction Committee at: Washingtoncty4hsilentauction@gmail.com with the company name, contact (if known), address, and phone number. The committee will then send a formal letter requesting a donation. This will ensure that multiple people are not requesting a donation from the same company.
4-H Youth, Clubs and/ or Families are encouraged to donate to the auction. Whether it is a project from a previous year, a special club basket or new craft idea, we love to see all the items 4-H’ers donate to the Silent Auction. Inspire bidders’ creativity, curiosity or passion with your donation.

Contact the Silent Auction Committee at washingtoncty4hsilentauction@gmail.com

4-H Action and Promotion Center: Sign Up Today!!

4-H Action and Promotion Center

This is an opportunity to engage community members attending the fair in a hands-on activity and promote 4-H. Clubs and countywide projects are invited to organize a small group, 2-4 members (any age) and 1-2 adults, to cover one shift. There are 20 shifts. Shifts are two hours in length and available Tuesday, July 26 -Sunday, July 31.

Action is the key to the success of the “4-H Action and Promotion Center.” Clubs/projects create and provide their own activity. The activity should be hands-on, and attract fair goers to the booth. This is an opportunity to ask the youth running the booth what they’ve learned in their projects this past year, and how they could teach others and share a favorite activity.

4-H promotional materials will be provided.

***Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer at the Action and Promotion Booth at Fair***
1. It is an easy way to get adult volunteer hours for an adult volunteer season pass
2. It is a fun group or family activity
3. It is a good chance to interact with fair goers
4. You get to share your passion about 4-H and projects you are involved in
5. Opportunity to strengthen communication and social skills

Sign up here: 4-H Action & Promotion Center Sign Up

4-H Food Stand Sign Up Today!!

The Food Stand Committee is again organizing the 4-H Food Stand operations during the Washington County Fair. Monies earned from the 4-H Food Stand are used by the Washington County 4-H Leaders Association to sponsor countywide educational programs, scholarships, the Achievement and Recognition Program, etc.

Please see 2022 Food Stand Letter for more information, or contact Sharon Kiselicka at 262-483-0830 or skiselicka@hotmail.com or Agnes Wagner at 414-881-3919 or dayupper@frontier.com.

Please sign up by July 15 Sign Up Genius for 4-H Food Stand

Youth Fair Assistants: Sign Up Today!!

Youth Fair Assistants

The Youth Fair Assistants contribute their time and talent to facilitate the face-to-face judging process at the Washington County Fair. They help the exhibit entry process run smoothly and quickly so that we can avoid delays in judging. Fair assistants help the superintendents function effectively, and they help exhibitors have a positive experience during face-to-face judging.

Who Runs the County Fair?

Who Runs the County Fair?

The county fair is administered by the Agricultural and Industrial Society (AIS), a non-profit charged with operating the County Fair and hosting over 350 events at Fair Park every year. The County Fair is not run by Extension Washington County, although several program areas within Extension Washington County collaborate with AIS to facilitate opportunities during the fair.

County Fair Premium Book

County Fair Premium Book

This book provides a listing of all entries that can be exhibited at the County Fair in Junior Class (youth exhibitors in 4-H, FFA, Jr. Holstein, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts) as well as Open Class. It is from this book that you select what department and class in which you will enter your exhibits. You may only enter one item/exhibit/animal per class. The premium book is available online at http://www.wcfairpark.com/fair/exhibitors/. It is your responsibility to read the premium book and follow the guidelines for all entries.

Exhibit Entry

Exhibit Entry

Fair exhibit entries are submitted online through Washington County Fair Park: http://www.wcfairpark.com/fair/exhibitors/. Utilize the Online Exhibit Entry Instructions. The deadline for entering these exhibits online is June 30, 2022. The entry deadline will not be extended. Exhibitors are encouraged to enter early, in May or the beginning of June. Check with your club’s general leader to see how fair entries are facilitated in your club, as this varies. Your club may have an earlier due date for entries so that the general leader can submit them as a group. If you need assistance figuring out which department to enter your exhibits in, please use the “Where Should I Enter My Exhibit” resource. It lists each 4-H project and the related Junior Exhibitor Department from the Washington County Fair Premium Book.

Exhibit Release

Exhibit Release

All exhibits need to remain in place until 6:45 pm on Sunday. For animal exhibits, contact the superintendent and countywide project leaders for proper procedures. For non-animal exhibits in the Ziegler Building, please review the Ziegler Building Exhibit Check Out Procedure to ensure a smooth process.

Exhibit Judging

Exhibit Judging

Judging for all non-animal exhibits is done face-to-face. This judging process allows the member to talk with the judge about what they made, how they constructed the exhibit, what they learned, what they might do differently, any challenges, etc. It is similar to a conversation they may have when explaining a class project to a teacher. Face-to-face judging for most non-animal projects takes place on the Monday of fair week and animal judging takes place Wednesday-Saturday. Carefully read the Premium Book for judging details.

Youth and adult at table inspecting a piece of woodwork
youth and adult at a table inspecting a fair entry



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