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Completing a 4-H Record Book is a great way to learn more about your project and capture all the amazing things you’ve done during the year. By keeping records, you will also have an advantage when applying for awards, special trips, scholarships, and 4-H leadership positions. Additionally, youth with exceptional record books are recognized at our annual Achievement & Recognition Program. Keeping continual records on PDF fillable Record Book forms is one option (paper forms are also available). Another is to use blank paper, a notebook, or calendar and then transfer the information later into the report forms. Some clubs have specific record book requirements – your club leader will explain any requirements to you. 

2022-2023 Record Book Updates

The 4-H Program would like you to have the opportunity to record and reflect your past year of achievements.  We have several opportunities: My 4-H Story, Record book, Creative Works (Video, Slideshow or Creative Way) to show what you have achieved.  We hope to see your achievements of the past year.  All are welcome to do this process including Cloverbuds.

  • My 4-H Story – The 4-H story form is on the Washington County 4-H website.  Some prompts are on this form for you to think about and give you suggestions what to include in your story. http://go.wisc.edu/my4hstory
  • Standard Record book Format –   Using the record book binders and forms below, fill out all areas/sheets.  Books will need to be turned in to your General Leader.  You will need to complete a record book if you want to apply for selected project awards.  
  • Creative Works– Let’s be creative! – Share your 4-H experiences for the year in a scrapbook, video (no longer than 15 minutes) http://go.wisc.edu/my4hvideo, or slideshow. Think about what you felt, learned and experienced in your 4-H year and tell your story.  Send your electronic submissions to your General Leader.
  • Cloverbud – You can find the Cloverbud record book at the link below under Cloverbud Resources

Additional information:

  • All End of Year Reflection entries must be submitted to your General Leader who will select a due date in August.
  • Your General Leader will record all entries from the club and bring them to the 4-H Office by September 1st.
  • Please submit any electronic entries to your General Leader.
  • While your reflection is not due until fall, we recommend you start documenting and reflecting now.  Keep a file to make your entry easier in fall.
  • All members will receive an achievement certificate for their End of Year Reflection.
  • You will be considered for a project award if you complete a project award application and completed record book
  • Record book must be completed according to Record Book guidelines

Please feel free to contact the Achievement Committee if you have any questions:

    •  Agnes Wagner, 414-881-3919

Resources for Standard Record Books

Washington County 4-H record books can be completed using standard forms found below. Check with your club leader if you have any questions about 4-H Standard Record Books. See also Record Book Guidelines with Award Scoresheets and Project Award Application

Cloverbud resources

Youth member resources

1) All Record Books should include these 5 pages

2) Choose your project pages to include in your Record Book

Animal Science 

Art & Communication

Environmental Education

    • Shooting Sports & Natural Sciences is used for the following projects:
      • Adventure
      • Archery
      • Air rifle
      • .22 rifle
      • Muzzle-loading
      • Shotgun
      • Bicycling
      • Bees/bee keeping
      • Entomology
      • Exploring your environment
      • Fishing
      • Forestry
      • Geology
      • Recycling
      • Water
      • Wildlife
      • Wildflowers
      • Winter travel

Family, Home, & Health

Mechanical Science

Plant & Soil Science

All Other Projects

    • General Project Sheet is used for the following projects:
      • Cavies
      • Child Development
      • Citizenship
      • Clothing
      • Clowning
      • Communications
      • Computers
      • Consumer Savvy
      • Creative Writing
      • Crops
      • Exploring
      • Fruits
      • Geocaching
      • Goats
      • Health
      • Home Environment
      • International
      • Knitting
      • Music
      • Pets
      • Poultry
      • Quilting
      • Scale Models
      • Self-Determined
      • Service Learning
      • Small Engines
      • Speaking
      • Tractors
      • Veterinary Science
      • Videography

Questions or Concerns? Contact 4-H Youth Development Staff

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