Planning AHEAD Program

Graphic illustration of the outline of a home with a money coin, stack of books and notary stamp inside of it. It’s never too early to start Planning AHEAD. Planning AHEAD is a 7-session, research-based program that will help participants understand how to prepare for end of life arrangements for themselves or a loved one. End-of-Life planning is an important process that every person should consider as they age. Many times, end-of-life planning is viewed as something that happens as one reaches retirement age. However, planning and decision making as early as one’s 30’s, 40’s and 50’s can significantly reduce stress, time and cost in the end-of-life planning process for both you and your loved ones. Sessions explore setting health care wishes, financial                                                               responsibilities, estate planning, legal requirements and documentation,                                                                           distribution of personal property, end-of-life decisions, and understanding of grief                                                         and emotional ramifications.

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To learn more about the Planning AHEAD program, please contact Washington County Extension’s Human Development & Relationships Educator, Carol Bralich at 262-335-4479 or


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