Nutritious & Health-Promoting Environments

FoodWIse works to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Supporting access, availability, and affordability of nutritious foods and health-promoting resources across Washington County ensures that all community members can thrive.

Community Programs supported by FoodWIse:

  • Quest (EBT) at Farmer’s Markets supporting community members and local producers by encouraging market EBT!
  • Harvest of the Month encouraging kids and families to try one seasonal produce items a month in support of nutrition, health, and local producers!
  • Discover Wisconsin Farmer’s Markets helping connect community members and food producers through market tours!
  • Safe and Healthy Food Pantries helping community pantries serve our community!
  • GO  NAPSACC helping early Head Start, Head Start, and other eligible childcare providers improve nutrition, activity, and health of the little ones they serve!
  • Coalitions & cross-sector community efforts to ensure food security and full plates for all!
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