Introduction to Soils and Composting

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February 14th, 2019


6:00pm - 8:00pm


Michelle Hansen




Description: After completing the lesson on Soil the student will in class: identify physical, chemical, and biological properties of a healthy soil, find the appropriate information on a fertilizer label, describe the process of collecting a soil sample for testing, interpret the benefits of composting, hot to tell when compost is done and how to use it. The student will also learn how to build and maintain a hot compost pile, and know what materials should and should not be composted. Understand the carbon and nitrogen balance needed for successful composting, and the role of micro and macro organisms. Know the components of a worm bin, how to manage and harvest finished vermicomposting, and how to use the finished product. Practice determining answers to garden-related questions and results of a soil test.

Event Location

Public Agency Center
333 E. Washington Street, Room 3224
West Bend