Farmland Preservation Survey

As the County updates its Farmland Preservation Plan, it has leaned on Kevin Struck to seek input from farmers and large landowners. This is critical, because a plan that includes feedback from stakeholders is stronger and more likely to be implemented. Kevin’s latest project was a 13-question survey that was sent to 1,954 landowners. 344 were returned, for a respectable 17% response rate. Key results are summarized below:

  • 32% were interested in tax credits for preserving their farmland; 28% were not. 35% responded “Not sure.” (A follow-up focus group has looked at reasons for lack of interest or certainty.)
  • A substantial 78% responded that all or most of the Ag infrastructure they need is close enough to their operation.
  • When asked to identify issues hindering their farming activities, respondents chose “traffic” and “loss of prime farmlands” as their two biggest concerns.

Complete survey results can be found here. (PDF, 352 KB)

Each town and village was tabulated individually as well. Below are links to the summaries of each town or village. Each file is PDF

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