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2019-2020 Club Dues & Donations Form Please submit to Extension Office by Nov 1, 2020

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*4-H Members Have Accident Policy Coverage
Each member is covered by accident insurance. Clubs are billed for this annually. The American Income Life 4-H annual group accident policy covers individual 4-H clubs and country wide programs. If a member is injured a claim form needs to be completed. The form is available at  https://www.ailife.com/SpecialRiskDivision/Claims.  Additionally, the adult in charge of the event should contact Amy Mangan-Fischer at the Extension office to get the form processed.


*If non 4-H members are participating in the event, or if the event is out-of-county or a downhill winter sport, then you will need additional Special Risk Division insurance.

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All of the resources below were reviewed at the April General Leader Meeting which triggered many additional valuable questions. Please review the Answers to Bylaw Revision Questions to help clarify questions and for valuable information.


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