4-H Volunteer Opportunities

You can help 4-H youth learn and practice new skills

Volunteers are an essential component of Extension programs. Wisconsin 4-H volunteers follow the research-based, learn-by-doing 4-H Thriving Model to equip youth with skills such as problem solving, decision making and communicating — critical for their success in school, college, careers, and communities. As a 4-H volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to be a teacher, leader, mentor, and role model for Washington County youth in your community. Wisconsin 4-H volunteers operate within the guidelines, policies, and procedures of the University of Madison Division of Extension and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Improve your own leadership skills

Volunteering in 4-H will not only benefit the youth you are working with, but you will also learn and have opportunities to practice leadership skills. Adult volunteers can also take advantage of county and state level leadership development conferences each year.

Enroll through 4-H Online

All new and returning adult volunteers must enroll annually through 4-H Online. The Washington County 4-H educator approves each enrollment to become a 4-H volunteer in Washington County. You must complete all enrollment requirements, including the background screening process and required trainings, before your enrollment is approved.

You may be asking yourself, “Is my enrollment complete?”, “Can I lead 4-H projects now?” — please contact the Washington County Extension office at 262-335-4478 to find out what you need to complete the process to become a Washington County 4-H Adult Volunteer.

Ways you can volunteer

Volunteering in 4-H is flexible and rewarding! In whatever role you choose to volunteer, our Extension office can provide training, resources and support to make your volunteer position as rewarding and productive as possible.

Activity/Event Volunteer
Provide leadership/organization for an activity or event and/or participate as a committee member

Adult Advisor/Chaperone
Work with a team of adult advisors and 4-H staff to ensure youth have a safe and positive educational experience.

Club Enrollment Coordinator
Provide leadership for members and adult volunteers who are enrolling in the club or group organization

Club Leader
Provide leadership to the club or group organization

Committee Volunteer
Provide leadership for a committee and/or participate as a member of a committee, creating educational experiences for all youth engaged in the program

Project Leader
Provide leadership and organization to the project group who is learning about a specific topic.

Adults interested in state level chaperone and coordination responsibilities must complete an Adult Advisor Application. State level experiences may include: Citizenship Washington FocusSpace CampNational 4-H Congress.

Chaperones – for 4-H youth development experiences must have completed the Youth Protection Process; be enrolled 4-H volunteer leaders and be over 21 years of age (for some experiences adults must be over 25).

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