We are Hiring!

We are hiring; job position: 4-H Program educator; apply now https://go.wisc.edu/ybt70b

Extension Washington County is hiring a 4-H Program Educator to lead and manage the full range of the 4-H program including clubs, after school programs, educational experiences, and camps.

Programming focus includes:
• Recruiting, training, developing, and managing volunteers focused on helping youth develop life skills that promote ongoing community involvement and strengthen youth leadership development
• Expanding 4-H membership and volunteer opportunities to underserved youth and adults
• Overseeing 4-H Clubs, 4-H Groups, 4-H Leaders Associations and committees and coordinating the process for youth and adult volunteer enrollment
• Strengthening the 4-H program by providing leadership for marketing, communications, member recruitment, and member retention;
• Cultivating collaborative efforts and partnerships with other organizations to expand 4-H programming opportunities.

Apply today! https://go.wisc.edu/ybt70b

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