Positive Youth Development Impact December 2022

• A series of classroom presentations to fourth grade youth, in collaboration with West Bend School Social Workers, where students will learn about problem-solving strategies, focusing on team problem solving, consensus building, experiential team-work and team reflection. The purpose of this effort is improve social-emotional learning and provide opportunities to learn more about 4H and other programs.

• A series of meetings with Germantown’s Youth Futures Youth Committee where students learn leadership skills in order to design, plan and deliver prevention activities to their middle and high school peers.

• A monthly board meeting (“Germantown Youth Futures”) for Germantown key stakeholders where we collaboratively plan year-round positive youth activities that promote positive peer norms, AOD prevention messaging, and adult/youth connections.

“We are very thankful to Ron for his partnership with helping to build skills and leadership with our 4th grade students. In the past month alone he has team taught problem solving strategies in our classrooms in preparation for our Kindness Retreat Nov. 4 with our entire 4th grade, staff and parents. The goals of the retreat are for all to embrace large and small group situations with kindness, creative problem solving, providing opportunities to build skills in leadership and Ron is a great compliment to our school team to help facilitate and orchestrate the event. Ron is a strong collaborative partner I hope we will continue to team with in the future.” -West Bend Dist. School Soc. Worker

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