Development of a Strategic Plan for the West Bend Library

The executive director of the West Bend Community Memorial Library contacted Paul to
facilitate a process that would engage the library’s board and staff in the development of a
strategic plan. To address this need, Paul surveyed thirty-five board and staff on their preferred
mission, vision, and values. Then, he facilitated three planning sessions with the organization’s
board and leadership staff.

At the first session, 10 participants reviewed the survey results and developed draft mission and
vision statements; identified organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges;
and identified goals. At the two leadership staff meetings attended by six participants, Paul
facilitated a process that updated the organization’s value statements, refined the goals identified
by the board, and developed actions steps.

Through evaluation (N=16), 100% of participants agreed that discussing a vision statement
assisted them in understanding the general direction for their organization’s future, 100%
agreed discussing a mission statement helped clarify their role as an organization, 80% agreed
that identifying and prioritizing goals increased their ability to identify issues and set priorities,
and 100% agreed that discussing action plans increased their ability to identify next steps for
future implementation. Participants evaluated Paul’s facilitation as a 4.9 on a 5-point Likert Scale
(1=poor and 5=excellent). One participant commented “It was wonderful having you lead these
meetings. You kept everyone on track – began and ended the meetings promptly, were very well
organized, pleasant and was one of the best set of meetings I’ve been to. Thank you so much.”

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