Crops and Soils Impact December 2022

• An educational field day for farmers, industry agronomists and agency personnel where they learned about: Managing Rye Cover Crops and its impact on the Nitrogen Cycle, Benefits of Legume Cover Crops in Managing the Carbon to Nitrogen ratios, and Dissolved Phosphorus Losses and How to Limit it. The goal is to assist farmers and industry agronomists to explore alternative cover cropping strategies that include more legumes in cover crop systems as a way to grow on farm nitrogen resources, while providing for effective crop covers to protect soils and water quality. Extension faculty/staff presenting at the field day included: Mike Ballweg, Regional Crops and Soils Agent for Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Washington and Fond du Lac counties, Monica Schauer, UW Agroecology Research Assistant, and Laura Paletta, Extension Agricultural Water Quality Program. About 30 attended the field day.

• Extension Expands Water Quality Outreach Programming
Recognizing the growing need for innovation, research, and outreach to help solve the water quality challenges facing agriculture in the state, UW-Madison Extension has expanded its capacity by creating a new Water Quality program that will work on these issues with communities, farmers, and farm advisors to improve both groundwater and surface water quality across the state.

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