Crops and Soils October Impact

• A series of recent webinars (Badger Crop Connect) for farmers, agronomists and agriculture professionals, where they learned about: Tips on Making Great Corn Silage, Building Soil Health with Cover Crops, Hybrid Rye Forage Yields and Quality and lastly, Alfalfa Fall Management. The webinar series provides information and research findings allowing farmers and industry professionals to implement new practices that improve soil health, protect our natural resources and well as improve the profitability of farms across the state.

• The 2022 Corn Silage Dry Down Days were held with industry partners. Through this event, farmers, industry agronomists and nutritionists learned about how corn crop development impacts the moistures and quality of ensiled corn for silage. Ensiling at the correct moistures greatly improves animal performance and the profitability of area dairy farms. Results were shared across the region each week from late August through September, via the Ag-Regional email list reaching more than 1000 farmers and industry professionals.

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