New Website Helps People Connect to the Industrial Hemp Community

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension has launched a new Industrial Hemp website containing educational resources, research updates, and information on upcoming programs and events.

One of the website features people should check out is the “Making Connections” page. This page was created based on feedback from growers and others in the industrial hemp community that they were having difficulty finding people and resources. People keep asking how they can find processors, buyers or mentors, or where to go to purchase seed, plants, or equipment.

There are three voluntary listings that growers, processors, retailers, or anyone who is part of the Industrial Hemp community can fill out to share their information. There are directory, networking, and buyer-seller listings. Individuals choose the information they want to share about themselves on the website using an online form. Information is posted within 5 minutes.

Since launching the website in May, there are about 100 listings that have been added by processors, retailers, wholesalers, supply and service providers. These listings will continue to grow as more people go to the webpage and add their information. Be sure to check on this page regularly to see new information.

• Main website:
• Making Connections page:
• Forms page:
• Listings page*:

If you have suggestions for other directories/listings or web content, comments, suggestions, concerns, or upcoming programs/events to share, please contact Liz Binversie at 920-391-4612 or email

*Please note that the inclusion (or lack thereof) on these listings does not constitute an endorsement by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension.

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